Rules & Regs

Game Period

Each game consists of two 25 minute periods, and includes two full timeouts and one 20 second timeout per half. The clock will stop (if you are down by less than 10) and the last 2 minutes of each half (free throw and out of bounds).

Initial overtime period is 2 minutes, with 1 minutes for each consecutive overtime. One timeout is allowed per overtime period.

5 fouls and player fouls out.

Technical Fouls

Players will automatically receive technical fouls for:

  • Arguing with the officials
  • Cursing at an official
  • Violent behavior, such as slapping, punching, hitting the padded wall, kicking chairs

Each technical foul will result in a $10 fine, which must be paid to the score’s table before the team can continue to play.

Two technical fouls will result in player being disqualified for the game, and with review may include suspension and/or banning from the league.

Any player confrontations and/or violence will result in automatic suspension from the league.

Game Location

Games are held at Wahtonka High School Gymnasium in The Dalles. Please be mindful of your surroundings. Clean up after yourself and if you have visitors in the stands remind them to pick up after themselves as well. The League is charged for any necessary trash or janitorial service, any costs incurred will be passed along to the teams and players.


Teams are expected to have at least 5 players ready to play at the scheduled tip-off time. Forfeitures will incur a $50 penalty which will be paid to the League and disbursed to the opponent for reimbursement for their time, loss of game, and commute. This penalty must be paid before the next schedule League game.

Team Captains are required to forward League email and pertinent information on to their teammates. Any questions or issues for the team or it’s players should be addressed prior to game time.

Team Captains are responsible for team and team player fees.


All regular season rules apply. D2 will have a bracketed playoff. The winners will get the #7 & #8 seeds in the league playoffs. League playoffs will be reseeded as games are completed.